Welcome to the Thorium Trail

September 26th, 2012

Posted by Laurence O'Hagan

Welcome to our blog and meet our new blogger in residence, Mark Halper. Some of you might already know Mark’s lively and prescient scribblings. A prolific journalist, Mark writes with a punch about everything from nuclear reactors to light bulbs, cricket to cloning, media moguls to subatomic particles. He covers energy for the CBS SmartPlanet website, contributes to the UK’s Guardian newspaper, and has written for a broad reach of influential publications including TIME Magazine, Fortune, the Financial Times and Wired, among others.

Mark’s articles on thorium and other alternative forms of nuclear power caught our attention. His report late last year, Emerging Nuclear Innovations: Picking global winners in a race to reinvent nuclear energy (published by Kachan & Co.) drew much needed public attention to thorium’s long neglect and future potential.

He has followed up that insightful work by embarking on his Thorium Trail – a series of groundbreaking stories for CBS noting thorium and new reactor technology developments around the globe including in China, India, Japan, the UK and U.S. His exclusive piece earlier this summer on the U.S. Department of Energy’s quiet collaboration with China is still raising eyebrows.

Want to know more about the DOE’s collaboration with China? About India’s evolving thorium power stations? About rare earth policies that could help usher in the thorium era? Watch these pages for this and more incisive reporting on critical developments in new nuclear, as Mark will now be bringing you all the latest thorium news here on our freshly minted blog.

Mark’s Thorium Trail has now made its base camp at the Weinberg Foundation, where it will venture through industry, science and research; reporting on the maverick individuals making the technological, engineering, financial and political advances that will drive thorium up the global energy agenda.

Please join us in welcoming Mark, as he ventures along the Thorium Trail.

Stay tuned, get notified … and feel free to comment.

John Durham
Baroness Worthington
Laurence O’Hagan

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