The Queen’s Speech 2015

May 29th, 2015

Posted by Suzanna Hinson

The Queen’s speech this week set out the priorities we can expect from the Conservative government over the next 5 years. On climate change, the promise is for the government to “seek effective global collaboration to sustain economic recovery and to combat climate change – including at the climate change conference in Paris later this year”. No specific targets and the economy is still put first but at least an aim for progress at Paris. Energy security is slightly more vague with the Queen saying: “measures will be introduced to increase energy security”. The new Energy Bill also aims to “ensure there will be affordable and reliable energy for businesses and families” but again, how this will be achieved is not clear. It is clear it will not be through onshore wind, who will soon lose their subsidies and have “consenting power” handed over to local authorities. But nuclear may have a part to play with DECC stating the importance of “new energy infrastructure [including] new nuclear and renewables, as well as exploring for shale gas”. Lets hope they are open to new, advanced, clean nuclear, as well as conventional.

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