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June 10th, 2015

Posted by Suzanna Hinson

Job Title: Technology Officer for the Alvin Weinberg Foundation

Location: London

Salary: Competitive

Time: Part time


The Alvin Weinberg Foundation is the UKs only pro-nuclear charity, raising awareness of the potential of advanced nuclear power and working to see that potential realized. We are offering an exciting and rare opportunity to work at the forefront of the nuclear industry, furthering this solution to many future problems.

Your role would be to act as the technological expert and adviser for the organization. You will have the opportunity to research the wide array of exciting and innovative reactor designs as well as developments in the industry. Your responsibilities will be to use your knowledge to advise the Foundation, inform and contribute to publications and provide expertise at regular events.

Your Qualifications:

* Undergraduate degree – science or engineering related subject.

* Excellent communication skills.

* Able to give presentations and write written reports of a high standard.

* Skilled at researching a wide array of subject areas.

* Enthusiastic individual who is a good team player but also very capable of independent working.

* Able to manage your own time and meet deadlines.

* No prior industrial experience is needed – this position would suit an enthusiastic new graduate.


To apply please send your CV and cover letter explaining why you are interested in and suited for the role to

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I am delighted to support the Alvin Weinberg Foundation’s crucial mission of researching the potential of new nuclear technology and raising awareness amongst the public and civil society.

— Professor Jim al-Khalili OBE


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