Introducing Priya Aggarwal

January 27th, 2016

Posted by Katherine Chapman

We are delighted to welcome Priya Aggarwal, our newest member of the team, working from India.

Photo: Katherine Chapman, Priya Aggarwal, Stephen Tindale and Suzanna Hinson


“I am Priya Aggarwal and I am delighted to be joining Weinberg as an Assistant Technology Officer (Intern) from this week. I got interested in the foundation because of their optimistic approach towards molten salt technology in nuclear reactors and the endeavours to act as a link between research groups and general public. I hope to continue with their style of providing information to the interested people and make useful contributions.

“Living and studying in India, a nation with keen interest and need to develop Thorium technology, I will be writing about the advanced reactors utilising this fuel and the impact of their progress on developing economies. Various other applications of reactors like desalination of water, hydrogen production, etc. will also be touched on.

“Asia is currently a key area in advanced reactors R&D with India and China making considerable progress in Fast Breeder and Molten Salt technology, respectively. Being a student of nuclear technology, I look forward to this learning experience which will certainly make me much more aware of developments across the world and to providing information to the best of my knowledge.”

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I warmly welcome the Alvin Weinberg Foundation’s evidence-based approach to the energy debate, and enthusiastically support its mission to raise awareness of next-generation nuclear energy amongst NGOs and the general public.

— Mark Lynas


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