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  • We celebrated what would have been Alvin Weinberg’s 100th birthday with a well-attended event at Imperial College London at which Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees spoke on ‘Science, Technology, 21st Century Energy and the Future of Nuclear Power’. The text of Lord Rees’ speech is available here.


  • We established a new team of staff. Stephen Tindale joined as director in April. In a blog explaining his decision to join (having spent 20 years campaigning against nuclear) Stephen wrote of his determination to further Alvin Weinberg’s goal -“to set the nuclear ship back on course”


  • Stephen has diversified WNN’s focus so we now promote all types of advanced nuclear and small modular reactors.


  • Since joining, Stephen has been putting the pro-nuclear case in the media and at many conferences, in London, Brussels and Paris. The Paris climate summit is the first UNFCCC conference at which the role of nuclear in climate mitigation has been promoted.


  • Suzanna Hinson joined as policy officer, and Katherine Chapman as technology officer. Both are working part time for Weinberg while completing their Masters Degrees: Suzanna in climate change science and policy and Katherine in nuclear engineering.


  • In November we published a report on ‘Why nuclear innovation is needed‘. This explains why more nuclear stations using existing reactor designs are needed, to protect the climate and to improve air quality. It also outlines why investment in advanced nuclear reactors would deliver stations that are even safer, and even lower carbon, with a lower proliferation risk. And advanced reactors could use spent fuel and plutonium as fuel, so helping manage the legacy of past nuclear activities.


  • We have been recommending to the UK government that it should fund prototype demonstrations of advanced nuclear reactors. In the Comprehensive Spending Review, George Osborne promised £250 million for advanced nuclear research and development. The Chancellor referred specifically to small modular reactors which we strongly support and the money could also fund generation IV prototypes.


  • Weinberg Next Nuclear has been adopted as our new operational name, which we believe better explains what our objectives are. Our formal name, registered with the Charity Commission, remains the Alvin Weinberg Foundation.


  • We launched our new branding and website and kept our readership updated with our newsletter and more regular blogs. We are active on social media: Twitter and Facebook.


  • We are supporting the All Party Parliamentary Group on Nuclear Energy to support the discussion of future nuclear technologies.


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