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The Alvin Weinberg Foundation was founded in 2011, and became the world’s first pro-nuclear charity. Our aim was and remains to advance the research, development and deployment of safe, clean and affordable nuclear energy technologies to combat climate change and underpin sustainable development for the world.

Since then, we have built a reputation for impartiality and credibility within the political, industrial, academic, and civil society spheres.

We have been featured in many publications and speak regularly at events around the world. We publish policy papers and our popular blog and newsletter spread the word about the progress of nuclear power globally.

We supported the creation of the world’s first group of legislators dedicated to advanced nuclear energy, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Thorium Energy. We are in the process of reconvening this group under the more general title of Advanced Nuclear Power.

We convened the first-ever civil society roundtable on next-generation nuclear energy, getting together the green NGOs to discuss what has historically been a controversial green-energy form. We will be conducting more round-tables this year.

In 2015 we celebrated Alvin Weinberg’s centenary, marking the occasion with an event of speeches and discussion about the future of energy and Nuclear’s place within it.

As a charity we seek to maximise public benefit in all that we do. We have no commercial ties, and remain resolutely independent of vested interests.

Our plans for the future can be found here.

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