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What we would like to do in 2016

  • Our ‘Why nuclear innovation is needed’ report outlines why the UK government should support advanced nuclear technology. A follow-up report will outline how it should do so. We will recommend a process; we will not say which technology design should be supported.


  • We will publish a third report on the contribution that advanced nuclear power could make to the management of the legacy of past nuclear activities, including plutonium. The UK has the largest plutonium stockpile in the world.


  • We will hold roundtables to discuss drafts of these reports, and then launch events to which we will invite politicians, policy makers, NGOs and journalists.


  • We will use our website as a resource for policy-makers and journalists to follow what is being done on advanced nuclear technologies around the world, including in China, India, the USA, Canada, Malaysia and Argentina.


  • We will continue to strengthen the team. Priya Aggarwal will begin a (paid) internship in January, when she finishes her nuclear engineering masters. She will be based in Mumbai, as she will also be an intern at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India’s foremost nuclear research institute. For Weinberg, Priya will research and write about advanced nuclear developments in Asia.


What we would like to do with more funding

  • We would like to expand our capacity by increasing the number of days per week that our existing staff work for Weinberg.


  • This will allow us


  • We will work with Women in Nuclear.


  • We would like to develop a series of educational events at universities across the country, to improve the public perception and understanding of nuclear power and to encourage students to consider a career in the advanced nuclear sector.


  • We would also like to establish a wider global presence with Weinberg Next Nuclear’s influence spreading to continental Europe, USA, Canada and India.


Please do consider supporting this work. If you would like more information or a discussion, please get in touch.


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