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We work with NGOs, policy-makers, researchers and industry to lead the debate on the need for urgent research into next-generation nuclear energy in general and thorium and Molten Salt Reactors in particular.

Our key activities include:

  • Dialogue with Governments and Parliamentarians: Raising awareness of the huge potential of next generation nuclear power among policy makers is a crucial part of our work.  We provide the secretariat for the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Thorium Energy, the world’s only group of legislators dedicated to thorium fuels and the next-generation reactors  in which thorium can be used. At EU level, we work with the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP) to increase Europe-wide focus on next generation nuclear research.
  • Stimulating debate within the NGO sector: In 2015, we are convening a series of high-level roundtable meetings to discuss next generation nuclear power with UK civil society groups and environmental organisations.
  • Engaging Academia and Industry: Building on the world’s existing nuclear know-how will be crucial to the development of the advanced reactor systems that the world needs.  We convene the UK’s Next Generation Nuclear Roundtable Working Group, bringing together leading academics, industry representatives, civil servants and parliamentarians to develop policy approaches relating to next-generation nuclear R&D.
  • Engaging students, academics and other researchers: We believe it is vital to inspire the next generation of nuclear engineers and are working with universities and other global research institutes to raise their awareness of next-generation nuclear energy.
  • Inspiring the general public: Communicating the facts about next generation nuclear power to the public is a core part of our work.  We have raised the profile of next generation nuclear energy in the global media with extensive coverage on the BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4, the Financial Times, the Guardian, the Times, and RT News.  We have also delivered presentations and taken part in panel discussions at conferences and public meetings in China, India, the US, France and the UK.
  • Research: In 2013, we published the major report ‘Thorium-fuelled Molten Salt Reactors’. This world-first report on the status of global Molten Salt Reactor research and development established a clear picture of the groundbreaking work taking place in China, Europe and the US on this exciting technology. We are continuing this success by regularly researching and publishing up to date information on the state of different reactors and the industry as a whole.
  • Providing impartial information to the media: The Alvin Weinberg Foundation regularly discusses thorium, molten salt reactors and other forms of innovative nuclear reactors with interested journalists. We have provided information, comment and analysis to media such as the BBC, Financial Times, Guardian, and the scientific press. (See In the Press for more information)

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