Supercritical Water Cooled Reactor

The Supercritical water cooled reactor (SWCR) is the most similar design to traditional light water reactors as it uses high temperature, high-pressure water to cool the reactor, meaning there is a lots of experience behind it.

It is an improvement on traditional designs because of its high thermal efficiency which is around one third higher than current light water reactors. It uses simplified safety mechanisms, similar to those of boiling water reactors.

It is possible to operate it either in a thermal or fast spectrum, with either the advantages of recycling the high level wastes or the high electricity production of a thermal spectrum. Because of the familiarity of this design, the SCWR system is estimated to be deployable by 2025.

As the system uses existing light water reactor technology, there is already extensive worldwide experience in constructing and operating this sort of reactor. Proposed designs are likely to enjoy high thermal efficiency and a simplified system.

In addition, a SCWR design could be developed with a fast neutron spectrum, which would enable the to convert its waste into useful fuel.

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