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Our latest briefing for civil society groups on Nuclear Energy, Molten Salts and Thorium.


A helpful nuclear glossary of terms.


Our report, Thorium-Fuelled Molten Salt Reactors, written for the APPG on Thorium Energy.

Weinberg Briefing on Nuclear EnergyGlossary of Nuclear Terms

About nuclear power

  • Breakthrough Institute (2013): How to Make Nuclear Cheap. Excellent report on how next-gen nuclear reactors could be made cheaper. Also a good survey of the various next-gen nuclear technologies.
  • Atomic Insights: supremely informative blog on all things nuclear, written by nuclear engineer and former submariner Rod Adams.

More about Molten Salt Reactors

The articles below provide a good, well-founded introduction to thorium and MSRs.

  • Robert Hargraves & Ralph Moir: “Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors”, from American Scientist, vol. 98, July-August 2010 (click here to download PDF)A broad introduction to the history, theory and future of LFTRs and thorium energy in general.
  • David LeBlanc: “Too good to leave on the shelf”, from Mechanical Engineering, May 2010 (click here to download PDF). A brief, but great, discussion of Molten Salt Reactors.

Recommended books

About nuclear power and sustainable energy:

  • Prof David McKay: Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot AirWidely-regarded as the most rigorous analysis of our energy predicament, Prof McKay coolly, but entertainingly, lays out the real situation. A full PDF is available for free from the book’s website.
  • Gwyneth Cravens: Power to Save the World – The Truth about Nuclear Energy. Through a series of interviews with leading scientists, Cravens systematically debunks popular myths about nuclear energy, showing that nuclear energy is the only viable source of high-density, zero-emission energy.

About thorium and MSRs:

  • Richard Martin: SuperFuel: Thorium, the Green Energy Source for the Future. Richard Martin was one of the first journalists to write about thorium. His book traces the life of Alvin Weinberg, documents the historical struggle between uranium and thorium, and charts a path to a thorium-powered future.
  • Robert Hargraves: Thorium: Energy Cheaper than Coal. Dr Robert Hargraves is a lecturer at Darmouth College and a lifelong technologist. His most recent book shows how LFTRs will ultimately provide clean, abundant energy cheaper than coal.
  • Takashi Kamei: Peaceful Energy – Thorium Nuclear Power, Part 1 and Part 2 (Japanese only). Taskashi has spent many years developing accelerator-driven MSRs, and these impassioned books make the case for clean thorium power.

By Alvin Weinberg:

  • Alvin Weinberg: Reflections on Big Science. A stimulating collection of essays in which Alvin discusses the interaction between science, technology and society.

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