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Other NGOs supportive of nuclear energy:

Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy: Founded by French environmentalist and engineer Bruno Comby, EfN is based in Europe. It has nearly 10,000 members worldwide, organised into local and national branches.
 Breakthrough-Logo The Breakthrough Institute: Based in California, the Breakthrough Institute focuses on advocating technology-based solutions that will enable us to simultaneously reduce our impact on the planet and to provide high quality livelihoods for humanity. Its Collection of Nuclear Analyses is excellent.
 Science Council for Global Initiatives Science Council for Global Initiatives: Based in the USA, SCGI campaigns for revived research into the Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) and other advanced Fast Reactors.


International thorium associations

Energy from Thorium - (small logo) Energy from Thorium: Kirk Sorensen’s vibrant blog, covering a wide range of science and policy related to thorium, MSRs and Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors
IThEO logo (small) International Thorium Energy Organisation: IThEO is an international association of academics, researchers and other enthusiasts dedicated to thorium. Its website is a good source of news, debate and academic research. Based in Sweden, IThEO is a non-profit organisation that welcomes new members. Its annual conference is a highlight of the year for Thorium research, and members of the Weinberg Foundation have attended since our inception.
Thorea (small logo) The Thorium Energy Association: ThorEA is a UK-based membership organisation dedicated to disseminating knowledge about thorium-based technologies within the academic community, industry, and general public. ThorEA is very supportive of accelerator-driven thorium reactor systems. It hosts regular meetings, and its website features many academic research papers. It welcomes new members.
Thorium Energy Alliance: TEA is a US-based advocacy organisation. With engineers, scientists and the general public amongst its members, it organises annual conferences and supports research into all types of thorium-fuelled reactor.


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