Who’s Behind It?

Named in honour of Alvin Martin Weinberg (1915 – 2006), the nuclear scientist who pioneered peaceful nuclear technology and designed the breakthrough Molten Salt Reactor, the Weinberg Foundation was co-founded by environmental philanthropist, John Durham; physicist, technologist and CEO of the Foundation, Laurence O’Hagan; and JoAnne Fishburn, documentary producer and environmental campaigner.


Baroness Worthington, Patron. Bryony, Shadow Minister for DECC in the Lords, prolific environmental campaigner and a key member of the team that drafted the UK’s Climate Change Bill, is the Foundation’s Patron.
John Durham, Chairman. An active philanthropic environmentalist, John has been focused on innovative ways of influencing UK policy to tackle climate change since his retirement from the software industry in 2005.
Laurence O’Hagan, CEO. A physicist by background, Laurence co-founded The Weinberg Foundation with John Durham after moving on from his long career as a successful software architect and CTO of a global technology organisations.
David Martin, Research.  David has been involved with the Weinberg Foundation since November 2011. As a long-committed environmentalist, he has a wealth of experience of researching environmental and energy issues for the private, political and NGO sectors.
Neil Endicot Neil Endicott, Parliamentary Secretariat. Neil is the primary contact and coordinator of the UK Parliament’s Thorium Energy All Party Group (APPG).  He has worked in UK and EU energy policy for the last six years.

Mark Halper, Blogger in residence. Mark Halper has joined The Weinberg Foundation as blogger in residence.  He is a UK-based freelance journalist who writes about everything from media moguls to subatomic particles.

Laurence Watson, Junior Projects Officer. Laurence has spent the years since his physics degree working and campaigning on energy policy and climate change, most recently with the UK Youth Climate Coalition

Barry Snelson Barry SnelsonAssociateBarry is now retired after thirty years working for British Nuclear Fuels plc. He is very interested in promoting ‘safe by concept’ reactors for civil use. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and holds the MBE for services to the nuclear industry.

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