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We are the world’s only charity dedicated to advocating for next generation nuclear energy  to combat climate change, alleviate energy poverty and reduce air pollution.

Our mission is driven by Dr Alvin Weinberg’s humane vision of a clean, safe and sustainable energy supply for all. Our core objective is to place the development of next-generation nuclear power on the agenda of the public, businesses and governments around the world, for the benefit of the world. We are a non-partisan, diverse group of people with one thing in common: we care deeply about the pivotal role of energy technology in stopping climate change and creating a better world. As environmentalists, we support the development of all effective clean energy sources, but focus on advanced nuclear power because of its potential to be a game-changer in the battle against climate change. We believe that the achievement of Alvin Weinberg’s vision of safer, cleaner and cheaper nuclear power depends on active collaboration, partnership and debate between scientists, governments, industry and the general public around the world. We strive to facilitate this dialogue, which will be one of the defining energy conversations of the 21st century.

Alvin Weinberg
Baroness Worthington

“The world desperately needs sustainable, low carbon energy to address climate change while lifting people out of poverty. Next generation nuclear reactors, such as the Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) pioneered by the late Alvin Weinberg, could radically change perceptions of nuclear power leading to widespread deployment.”

Baroness Worthington, Patron & Trustee


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