Examining All The Artists Making It Big Off Social Media

Examining All The Artists Making It Big Off Social Media

In the current age of digital content, social media has become a powerful tool for artists. It has given them a platform with a huge audience to showcase their creative work, connect with persons who love art, and build their presence. The impact of platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook on the art industry cannot be ignored in the ever-changing world of art. Hence, as an artist, you can reap many benefits by using these platforms to not only share your creative work but gain popularity.

Therefore, by appreciating social media, you have the opportunity to connect with the masses and change the artistic landscape to grow your talent and business. Hence, this article will take you through the potential of social media by highlighting how various artists have made it to greater heights thanks to digital platforms.

Which Artists Are Benefiting Most on Digital Platforms

Social media has changed the way artists engage with their fans. These digital platforms have provided seasoned and new artists with a way of displaying their talent visually and attracting followers worldwide. Consistency and patience are very important for starters who want to build their presence on social media platforms like Twitter. Alternatively, buying Twitter followers still works well when you want to build an audience faster and showcase your talent.

It’s because of this technology that artists like Banksy, Yayoi Kusama, and Shepard Fairey have become successful and reached a wider audience within a few years. They use the internet to share pieces of work and offer a taste of what they have. Hence, the social media stage has become their virtual showroom that can be visited by all persons irrespective of their country and place of residence.

Let’s now look at some of the leading artists who have embraced social media’s power to popularize their work.


Banksy is a popular artist who specializes in graffiti to convey a political message. Some consider him a political activist who has gained popularity across the United Kingdom, where he creates most of his art. He has also opted to have his real identity remain hidden, as some find his messages provocative. That has been made even possible by displaying his content online rather than physically.

In particular, he has chosen his Instagram account to serve as the main platform for showcasing his new pieces of work and conveying his messages. Hence, his clever use of social media has not only attracted audiences who love art but has also opened the doors to conversations that affect humanity around the world.

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey is a popular contemporary artist in America. His ability to elicit thought and inspire action through social media has given him a solid status as a leading artist in the digital world of art. He was behind the iconic “Hope” poster, which was displayed during the time Barack Obama was on a presidential campaign. In order to make it reach the huge followers of Obama, he knew that only social media has the power to make that happen in the shortest time possible.

By sharing the politically charged artwork on Twitter and Facebook, Fairey was able to engage people from different backgrounds on the question of social justice and equality. That worked very well, as the presidential election numbers proved that the social media approach was effective.

Yayoi Kusama

Another major and popular artist in social media is Yayoi Kusama. The Japanese artist is famous for her eye-catching infinity mirror rooms and contemporary art. Even at the age of 95, she has managed to entertain her audiences worldwide through social media. She would use the platforms to showcase charming images and videos of her immersive installations. As a lover of doing environmental art, she has been able to pull crowds from environmental forums across various platforms. Every other day, her fans are eager to see her new work.


In the old days, artists had difficulty in achieving their career objectives in the world of communication through art. However, that has been simplified by social media platforms, which represented a sudden shift in the world of artworks. I opened new opportunities and simplified the means to express opinions through art and have community engagement and discussion about social matters. However, while social media offers artists new ways to reach and expose content, it also has its challenges to maintaining your audience. Hence, the need to continually create new and engaging to maintain your online presence.

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