The Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Smart Home

The Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Smart Home

Smart technology is all the rage at the moment. Nearly every bit of modern technology is being upgraded to include smart integration systems. Meaning they can communicate with each other and, most importantly, your smartphone. Smart technology is undoubtedly changing our lives for the better. Making our day to day lives more streamlined and efficient.

Some people are taking this to the next logical extreme though. Enter: Smart Homes. You may have heard this term flying around. More and more California residents are upgrading their homes to smart homes every year. But what does it actually mean? And how can you turn your home into a smart home?

What Are Smart Homes

Smart home is a term for a house that has a lot of integrated smart technology. This often means that nearly every electronic process within the home can be controlled through a smartphone. The idea is that the house is one giant network of interconnected technologies. In theory, in a smart home, you should be able to change the temperature of your fridge from your TV.

There are numerous advantages to having a smart home. It will make your day-to-day life easier. You can automate tasks to happen on a schedule. Imagine waking up and your shower is already on and waiting for you. And then you come downstairs to find your coffee has already been brewed.

Smart homes have also changed the California real estate market. Generally, smart homes go for a lot more on the market. Especially in scenic areas like Long Beach or Santa Monica. In fact, it is far easier to sell your home in Long Beach for cash if it is a smart home. So how can you properly upgrade your home?

Smart Kitchen

One of the easiest and best places to start your smart upgrade plan is in the kitchen. So many of the classic kitchen appliances now feature smart technology. Modern smart fridges can track what food you have and can send you reminders, or even order more for you. Smart coffee machines can brew up a fresh pot for you on schedule and can moderate the temperature to your exact specifications.

Smart technology can also improve the safety of your kitchen with smart fire detectors. These detectors are better able to tell when there is actually a fire, as opposed to someone just burning food. They can also send alerts to your phone and, in extreme cases, call the fire department for you.

Smart Security

The security of your home is not something to be taken lightly. And smart technology is helping improve home security massively.

One of the first bits of kit you will want to add to your home is a smart doorbell. These devices are fitted with a microphone and camera that connects to your wi-fi network. Motion sensors can detect any movement and will send an alert to your phone. You can then see through the camera and communicate with whoever is there. These devices can also record footage when the motion sensors are triggered.

Smart locks are also a huge step up from the traditional lock systems. They are linked to a card or your phone and cannot be picked like a traditional lock. This also allows you to open your door remotely for delivery drivers or friends.

Smart Meter

You will have undoubtedly seen smart meters advertised everywhere. They are an amazing way to better track your gas and electricity consumption. They provide in depth breakdowns on where your energy is going and can show you exactly how much it is costing you.

The good news is that most energy companies will provide you with a smart meter for free. They will even come and install it for you. A smart meter is beneficial to both parties as it allows the company to better allocate their resources to different areas depending on usage.

Smart Assistants

One of the most pivotal aspects of any smart home is the smart assistants. Devices like Alexa and Google Dot are the lynchpin in your smart home system. Allowing you to truly live in a home of the future.

These devices are fully voice controlled and can be linked up to your entire home network. Allowing you to control everything from your lights to your fridge with a simple vocal command. We recommend having a few of these units placed around your home as they also function as an intercom system.

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