Unpacking All The Best Moments From The Gaming Awards

Unpacking All The Best Moments From The Gaming Awards

As the video games awards came and went and many people in attendance have witnessed some of its most memorable moments, it is time to take a moment before the year’s end to remind everyone of some of the best and maybe underrated moments of this year’s game awards. Whether it be to congratulate Geoff Keighley for his hosting skills or to discuss some of the most unexpected guests let’s dive deeper into the event. So here are some of the best moments of the Video Games Awards 2023 and a little background on them. Be prepared to be surprised and if you haven’t watched it give a watch after reading this article.

Hideo Kojima

While it is not a surprise the creator of Metal Gear Solid was once again present to announce a new project. While little is known about what his project will be it was revealed that it will be a horror project starring in the All-Star cast featuring Sophia Lillis, Udo Kier, and last but not least Hunter Schafer of Euphoria fame. While many people criticize the fact that Kojima was allowed to speak longer than many other people there is no debating that in the gaming community, everybody is always happy to see what this legendary game developer is cooking up next. Before leaving he also introduced his partner in crime for this project none other than Jordan Peele. We can only wait and see what comes out of this massive project.

Timothee Chalamet

The Star of Dune and the upcoming Wonka film were picked as the guest of honor to present the most prestigious award of the night, the Game of the Year award. Many people wondered why he was introduced as a YouTuber, but this goes back to an interview we did years ago. It turns out that before being a star Chalamet made YouTube videos where you would present and try to sell modded Xbox controllers. This little funny tidbit gave him a bit of a reputation amongst the gamer sphere as a celebrity who was part of their community. So, it’s no surprise that many people were surprised and delighted that he was picked to present the award.

The Return of the God of War

Christopher Judge became famous after the Video Games Awards of 2022 after his very long speech where he thanked dozens of people. So, this year when the time came to announce the winner of the best voice performance of the year Judge was picked as the announcer. Famous for both his role in Stargate and as the voice of Kratos he is also known for having a great sense of humor. So, when it came time to start listing after nominees instead as a joke he was played off by music as if telling him to move on. Thankfully it was allowed to finish after that announcing that Neil Newborn, the voice of Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3 was this year’s winner of the best performance award.

The old gods of Asgard

The keen gamers who have been paying attention to the world built by the incredible development team at Remedy Studio will recognize the name as the fictional band in the Remedy games universe including such games as Control and Alan Wake. While the band is fictional the music is very real and is interpreted by the actual real band the Poets of the Fall. The poets of the Fall have been working with Remedy Studio ever since their involvement in Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne. But never before were the old gods of Asgard allowed to perform in front of a live audience before as a real band. This is why to celebrate the release of Alan Wake Two in 2023 at the VGA’s the old gods of Asgard made their first live appearance playing their smash hit from Alan Wake 2, Herald of Darkness. This live performance not only included the members of all the gods of Asgard but also featured a dance number including the actors of the video game.

A first look at the wasteland.

While the video games are words primarily serve as a way to congratulate people who did amazing work in the video game industry every year he does become somewhat of a presentation as well. Following the death of E3, we have seen more and more trailers being presented at the awards. This year was no different, but we were allowed to see one of the most anticipated shows trailer for a video game adaptation of the Fallout franchise. The trailer was presented on stage by the show’s stars Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins, and Aaron Clifton Moten. If you missed that you should check out the trailer online or the presentation itself to make sure to not miss anything of what the upcoming show has to offer.

Whether you play video games to enjoy a competitive first-person shooter match, fun times with friends on Minecraft survival servers, or to play exciting single-player narrative experiences the video game awards exist to celebrate both the hobby of gaming and gamers alike. If you want to be sure to not miss out on any of the memorable moments that are present at each year’s events you definitely should TuneIn or at the very least watch the recording of the events afterward. You will see that there is never a dull moment when it comes to celebrating video game’s best and brightest.

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