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Dear friends,

We are holding an event to commemorate the centenary of Dr Alvin Weinberg. Carrying on in spirit of Dr Weinberg’s work, Lord Martin Rees FRS will be giving a lecture entitled “Science, technology, 21st century energy and the future of nuclear power”, followed by a short screening of a new biopic of Dr Weinberg’s life and some general discussion.

Please order tickets through the event page here.

When: 6.30pm – 9pm, Monday 20th April,

Where: Imperial College London – South Kensington, Lecture Theatre 164, Skempton Building, London, UK

Alvin Weinberg lecture - Flyer


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I am delighted to support the Alvin Weinberg Foundation’s crucial mission of researching the potential of new nuclear technology and raising awareness amongst the public and civil society. — Professor Jim al-Khalili OBE


Lots of interesting info on the latest developments in advanced #nuclear - Thorium Energy Report #thorium
- Tuesday Mar 31 - 12:35pm

Don't miss our event on #science & future of #energy with Lord Rees, Monday Apr 20th, London
- Tuesday Mar 31 - 8:49am


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